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Flannery Daley-Watson

A recent graduate from Pitzer College with a Bachelor of Arts combined major of Media Studies and Organizational Studies

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Professional Background

Client 6

Junior product manager at Exponential Entertainment

Currently, I am working as a contractor for Exponential Entertainment as a junior product manager, in which I assist in developing online games for cable companies. Including designing components of the games and testing for bugs before and after production.

Client 5

Marketing and communication intern at The Music Center

At The Music Center, I helped with all sorts of PR work, such as reaching out to dance studios in the greater LA area and online news platforms to see if there were interested in advertising The Music Center's upcoming events. The work I focused most on was social media design. I coved several events on The Music Center's Instagram story and created a month-long campaign for the Stoplight high school program.

Client 3

Huerta del Valle social media intern

Over the spring semester of my junior year, I photographed produce, a greenhouse, and a community garden for an urban farm in Ontario, CA, Huerta del Valle, on a DSLR camera for their social media. I used a C100 camera 
to capture video of local vendors at HdV pop-up markets, and I used Canva and Photoshop, creating content for Instagram/ TikTok

Client 1

Intercollegiate media production center associate

In the production center, I advise dozens of students on the appropriate video, sound, and lighting equipment for their class and personal projects. I also instruct my fellow students on how to use all the software in the Adobe suite, specificity Premiere Pro and InDesign.

Client 6

Ux Design class

At a semester-long UX design class at the School of Visual Concepts, I learned website and app design skills, which I later used to redesign the website for the Seattle South African Scholarship foundation. My UX design skills have focused mainly on using Adobe Suite software such as Photoshop, Indesign, and XD.

Client 4

University Prep graphic design internship

During my junior and senior high school years, I shadowed the head graphic designer of University Prep, where I completed projects such as designing the award certificates for student athletes.

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